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Big Tech and the Corporate Media Censored THIS Information

This free eBook reveals censored information that the Big Pharma–sponsored mainstream have been hiding since the start of the pandemic. Download This (Potentially lifesaving) resource to hear the TRUTH directly from the brave experts who are risking their careers (and sometimes their safety).

This eBook Reveals:

  • Dr. McCullough’s exact over-the-counter treatment protocol (Big Pharma has done their best to censor this but we are giving it away to you for free)
  • Why so many COVID treatments have been censored from the public
  • Why this protocol could have helped over 1 MILLION reported adverse reactions the this experimental vaccine
  • The reason we believe these alternative treatment methods are “Big Pharma’s biggest nightmare”
  • Why Dr. Peter McCullough believes “there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death.”
  • Plus all of the other suppressed and censored information you’ll never hear from the mainstream media


For the past two years my team and I have been deplatformed, censored, and threatened on an almost daily basis for simply trying to share these truths with you. Now, it’s your turn to see the information we’ve spent years digging up just so we can help protect one another from the evil organizations that are trying to ruinour beautiful world.

Please, act now and download the above eBook before this page is inevitably censored and removed from the internet. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to understand what’s really happening right now.




Airing Now

  • Breaking news from a recent Senate hearing that left numerous freedom fighters “emotionally spent” (you can’t miss these powerful interviews directly from the Senate hearing)
  • New Data: Shocking vaccine injury reports (many reports discuss those that are permanently disabled or worse)
  • The startling reasons that our experts believe Big Pharma continues to suppress life-saving information from the public while they continue to push their vaccine agenda (no matter how many deaths pile up)
  • How to protect your body with alternative treatment methods THEY would never want you to know about
  • The best way to stay informed when you’re facing neverending censorship
  • Shocking speeches given at a recent Senate hearing that you will enjoy hearing (these experts showed the global government the TRUTH)
  • Numerous studies prove that Omicron is not as scary as the mainstream media fearmongers would have you believe (see them for yourself in this episode)
  • Plus all of the other suppressed and censored information you’ll never hear from the mainstream media


  • See why the FDA told one of our expert doctors they would send him vaxx data in 75 years but they took only 108 days to approve the experimental vaxx
  • Learn the (not so) shocking fraud and lies we’ve been fed the past two years by Big Pharma and the global government
  • See the truth behind the production of fraudulent data and how they used it to manipulate most of our planet into believing anything that would help them profit
  • Watch Dr. Henry Ealy share exactly how they manipulated data to take our freedom away with mandates and lockdowns
  • See shocking info on the Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Disease report that called C0VID-19 a “bioweapon”
  • The Nuremberg Code was blatantly violated, see how this happened and why it’s such a shocking revelation
  • Plus more disturbing stories and data exposing their lies and corruption


Airing Now

  • The reason my team and I are calling this a “vaccine genocide” and what Big Pharma is NOT telling you
  • With over 24,000 deaths, where does this all end? Watch this episode to find the censored data behind this madness
  • How this “hidden agenda” continues pushing forward and how YOU can help us put an end to this madness
  • The dangerous data that reveals the “death machine” they’ve kept us inside of for two years now (plus how to protect yourself in the future of this battle)
  • Why the FDA still pushed the experimental vaxx forward when they KNEW the side effects (shocking internal report)
  • How to keep you and your loved ones protected from the vaccine and the virus (see what top medical experts I spoke with recommend)
  • The “weird” cancers that are popping up, post-jab
  • How to naturally boost your immunity and remain safe during this ongoing plandemic
  • The true reason Big Pharma, the global government, and the mainstream media refuse to tell you the real number of deaths (this would cost them tens of billions of dollars)


  • Hear how they are still trying to cover up the fact that this virus is man-made and see the truth behind what really happened
  • Is the United States government funding the production of bioweapons? One of our experts says YES
  • Learn the truth about the dangers of the spike proteins and the harm they can cause any organ in your body
  • See why the CDC shut down the Swine Flu vaxx after around 50 deaths yet this one continues with over 24,000 deaths
  • Discover what Big Pharma is hiding from us and why it’s not being publicized by the mainstream media
  • Take a look at how experts read reports like VAERS and extract the real data from them (the real data shows there’s A LOT more going on that you would guess)
  • Is artificial intelligence being used with this vaxx technology? See the details in this episode
  • Plus more information from our experts that reveals the data they would prefer remain hidden


Airing Now

  • The startling reason one doctor believes we could have prevented the majority of COVID deaths (you have to hear this to believe it)
  • How the experts in this episode overcame and adapted to heal their patients from COVID and the jab (and how you can too)
  • The exact alternative medicines that can potentially save your life if you have to battle COVID
  • What to do if you or a loved one are infected and which natural protocols are recommended (I cover this in detail with numerous expert guests)
  • The truth about what’s working and why Big Pharma will NEVER tell you about these methods (it would cost them billions of dollars)
  • Breaking news about what’s really working to cure COVID and why the global government isn’t helping spread this data
  • Simple, effective treatment options you can buy at your local pharmacy (no doctors required)
  • See the top options to prevent future illness and injury from COVID (all is revealed in this powerful episode)


  • Hear from Dr. Ealy on why natural immunity is far superior to the jab and how you can optimize your body this way
  • See how Big Pharma manipulates their data through the shady practice they call ‘relative risk reduction’
  • Learn the exact methods the CDC used to changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to suit their C0V1D narrative.
  • Pfizer and J&J jabs only last 6 months, learn the best way to tap into your natural immunity and protect yourself
  • Watch Dr. Neuenschwander’s example of how they used fear to attempt large-scale manipulation over the past two years
  • Discover how the vaxx programs your body to produce dangerous spike proteins (and how you can protect yourself)
  • Plus much more information that will show you how to tap into your natural immunity to remain safe


Airing Now

  • The reason we believe these alternative treatment methods are “Big Pharma’s biggest nightmare”
  • The top methods the experts we spoke with have used to help their patients recover from the terrible side effects of the jab
  • How to remain safe and health with new variants inevitably heading our way in the future
  • Dr. Sherwood’s “7 Pillars of Health” and how they can help you remain safe during the ongoing plandemic
  • The best strategies to battle and vaxx injuries, including the possibility of death if not taken care of quickly (our experts share exact protocols they’ve tested on thousands of patients)
  • The exact over-the-counter treatment protocols doctors are using all over the world to heal their patients (Big Pharma has done their best to censor this but we are giving it away to you for free)
  • Why we have to be the ones who give you life-saving alternative treatments and why we believe Big Pharma will never help you
  • What’s the best alternative treatment option for you and your loved ones (each person has unique needs, you need to watch this episode to fully understand your options)


  • Listen to Liana Rivers’ shocking story about her horrific post-vaxx reaction (this was very upsetting to hear but it does have a happy ending)
  • Get Dr. Ealy’s exact 14-day healing regimen that can help anyone with post-vaxx reactions
  • See how one victim thought she would NOT survive the vaxx (and how she pulled off a miraculous recovery with one of our expert’s help)
  • Learn the method one man used to recover from adverse reactions after receiving 6 vaccines
  • Hear about an incredible recovery using only water and key nutrients (this was an incredibly powerful turnaround for one vaxx injured patient)
  • Plus many other incredible stories of healing and recovery you won’t want to miss


Airing Now

  • The top protocols for healing your gut and keeping your immune system ready for battle (You’ll be amazed how easy and effective they are)
  • Why victims are losing 40% of their immune cells every 4 weeks after receiving the jab
  • The “best weapon” you have to battle COVID (Dr. Ardis reveals all)
  • How to bolster your immune system for anything, especially new variants and whatever else they throw our way
  • The real data that’s been proven to help protect your body if infected by COVID
  • Why our expert guests believe this is more of a “bioweapon” than a vaccine
  • Which natural medicines are key to bolstering your immunity (They’ll heal your leaky gut!)
  • Do we really have immunity against variants? (See Dr. Ardis’ answer in this powerful episode)
  • Why the U.S. spends more than any other country on healthcare and how you can protect yourself from falling into this demographic


  • Discover the natural protocols one doctor recommends to heal from nearly any post-vaccine injuries including fatigue, chest pain, limb water retention, like swollen ankles, swollen knees.
  • Find out what really works with natural medicine and how you can apply it to heal from COVID or the vaccine
  • Hear from our experts about the natural medicine protocols they’ve been using to prime the immune system, detox from the harmful toxins in the jab, and reverse chronic, and often life-threatening autoimmune diseases
  • Learn one doctor’s powerful healthcare philosophy that’s helped her patients heal naturally and feel much better than before
  • See the most frequently recommended nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements used to protect and heal your body
  • Plus so much more information surrounding natural medicine and how to heal and protect your body, naturally


Airing Now

  • “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum – and Father of the “Great Reset”
  • How to look at data, analyze it, and make your own decisions (our experts show you how they have formed their own opinions)
  • The truth about this “bioweapon” and why it was released on our society with devastating repercussions
  • Why Bill Gates is saying this might be a “dress rehearsal” for the next big pandemic (another part of their master agenda?)
  • Doctors and medical experts are finally banding together to expose the real agenda, we share ALL of the data with you inside this special episode
  • The disgusting monetary wealth gained by shareholders and execs including $10.31 billion in wealth gained by just eight shareholders of Pfizer and Moderna
  • How the vaccine is more of a population control mechanism than anything that actually “saves lives” as they’d have you believe
  • How Big Pharma and the global government continue to get away with their vaccine agenda while their hands are covered in blood (over 24,000 dead and 1 million+ verified vaxx injuries)


  • Answered: Is this all part of a much larger money making scheme?
  • See the startling uncovered information that reveals just how deep their corruption goes and what they’re truly hiding from us
  • Why did they make this virus seem much more deadly than it was and how did they manipulate data to do that?
  • Hear what our experts think they have up their sleeve and what you can expect to happen next (it might not be what you’re thinking)
  • Discover why they refuse to admit the VACCINE is the real problem here and not the VIRUS
  • Plus so much more censored information they have tried to bury for the past two years


Airing Now

  • The truth behind what happens to women and children when they receive this experimental vaccine
  • Why they won’t tell us about the data they’ve collected regarding pregnant women and the jab (they’ve got the data, they just won’t reveal it)
  • Do they really know the risks for women and children? Sadly, it seems they do
  • Should you or your loved ones receive the vaccine while pregnant? (Watch this episode before you make ANY decisions)
  • The simple decisions you can make after watching this episode that could protect your children from future vaccine-related problems
  • How to handle any future mandates regarding child vaccinations (this is scary, yet very, very real)
  • The most effective way to remain vigilant in your stand against the jab (we give you help with data and information to stand strong in your convictions)
  • How the jab could affect women’s fertility – and be passed onto future generations through changes in the mother’s body


  • See why our experts call this a “bioweapon” and how you can protect yourself from the malicious behavior of Big Pharma’s future plans
  • Why have they gone to such crazy lengths to convince the public that COVID is so deadly? Learn the answer inside this episode
  • Is this vaxx effective at all and is it really as deadly as you’ve heard? You need to learn this truth
  • What are the true number of deaths from this experimental jab and how has this been hidden for over two years?
  • Revealed: Why many experts call this the “dirtiest” vaccine ever created
  • Plus so much more on how they are using this experimental vaxx to potentially control populations and harm us all


Airing Now

  • The startling reasons that our experts believe the global government’s tyranny knows now ends and will continue to suppress life-saving information from the public (and how you can do your part to stop their agenda)
  • Our recommended methods for protecting your freedom and standing up for your personal rights (this is the information you need to know)
  • How the global government has continued their suppression of lifesaving data (this is shocking, yet true)
  • The best methods for standing up for yourself and maintaining your freedom in the face of inevitable tyranny
  • Why so many C0VID treatments have been censored from the public
  • The shocking story about how one doctor came up with a treatment protocol that worked on 99% of his patients, yet was still censored
  • How far will the tyrannical global government continue to push this? We reveal all we know, including future predictions
  • The overwhelming stories one doctor shared with us and how it could impact your own life as well
  • Why Dr. Peter McCullough believes “there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death.”


  • See why one expert REFUSES to call this a “vaccine” and what she has to say about the whole plandemic in general
  • Learn why it is so vitally important that we have zero censorship in the future and what we can do about it right now
  • Answered: Why our very own governments are hiding SO much data from us
  • Discover the shocking ties to Nazi Germany that Big Pharma has (this is too shocking for the mainstream media to EVER publicize)
  • They have modified death certificates to better fit their agenda, what are they doing and why is it being done?
  • Plus many more startling details about the depth of corruption in our global government and the corporations that run our planet


Airing Now

  • How to overcome ANY future mandates (we share the legal rights most people don’t know they have)
  • The ongoing censorship of treatments that work and how to make sure you are not the victim of their tyranny
  • Why the experts in this episode believe this vaccine is way more harmful than the actual virus (and how you can continue to protect yourself)
  • Breaking news regarding mandates and the never-ending “booster battles”
  • How we proceed forward now that we know the TRUTH
  • The best ways you can protect your freedom and stand up for your personal rights (this is the information you need to know to remain safe and free)
  • More mandates on their way? See what our experts believe will happen in the very near future
  • What do the next 10, 20, or 50 years hold for us after we’ve faced extreme tyranny?


  • What you can do if you are afraid for your personal freedoms (our experts share what’s worked for them when attempting to remain free)
  • How the tyranny continues to increase and what you can do in the face of inevitable judgment and potential mandates
  • The simplest way to stand up for yourself when battling dictators and ongoing oppression
  • Why NOT getting the jab is not selfish (plus, how to remain vigilant in your battle against harsh criticism)
  • How to remind yourself that you are not alone and where to turn when you feel that you are
  • Plus so much more encouragement when you’re continuing to battle for your personal freedom
  • Why Hydroxychloroquine is the most widely studied and utilized drug in treating COVID-19
  • Why giving certain COVID patients cortisone can lead to a 30% reduction in mortality
  • Which vitamins and supplements can support COVID patients under 50 with no complications
  • Which effective, multi-drug approach the top medical experts are using for
    high-risk patients
  • Which early treatments help lower mortality and hospitalization rates
  • How the Standard American Diet is worsening the levels of inflammation in our bodies — And how’s it’s a factor in making people “high-risk”
  • How alternative treatments are safer that the vax — hear it directly from our experts
  • Discover how multi-drug approaches are lowering hospitalization and mortality rates — despite what the media is telling you
  • Why treating COVID symptoms is more effective than taking the vaccine
  • Which natural medicine approaches can help decrease inflammation and support your immune system
  • How the top medical experts are using the sequenced drug approach to treat the back end of the virus


Knowledge is power. And it’s the key to understanding why the experimental COVID vaccines are so dangerous — despite the corporate media’s official narrative that suppresses and censors anyone who dares to speak out.

You are in control of your own health. Don’t fall victim to global governments and bureaucrats that are pushing everyone to get vaccinated. Billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates and billionaire Big Tech activists think they know what’s best for you and your family.

You must be free to decide what’s right for you. Don’t let governments and corporations force you into getting vaxxed “for your own good”. And never let the cancel culture make you too afraid to stand up for your rights!

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As an investigative journalist and film director, Jonathan has produced several groundbreaking, Emmy-submitted docu-series covering innovative and effective approaches to cancer, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health, and heart disease.

His work has been featured in international TV broadcasts, print media, national news, and radio broadcasts. He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year, by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support.

Jonathan and his wife, Lori, welcomed their first son, Asher, in January 2019.

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