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They Can’t Hide This Any Longer… Some COVID-19 Patients
Have Deadly Venom In Them

36 different shellfish toxins and snake venom are showing up in COVID-19 patients…

How did this end up in their blood, feces, or urine?

Some experts believe this so-called “respiratory” disease is actually an envenomation from the vaccine.

They’ve targeted people with toxins for decades…

Why wouldn’t this be the case now?

Did you know that the word “corona” means “crown for the king” and virus in Latin actually means “venom” so coronavirus very closely translates to “king venom”?

Coincidence? You can be the judge of that, watch the video below…

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Due the inevitable censorship we face on a daily basis on social media, email is our primary source of communication. Watch all 9 Episodes of COVENOM19 for FREE here:

They’ve Used This Weapon For Decades,
Now We’re Uncovering the Truth Behind It…

The experts you’ll hear from in this video have done everything they can to alert government officials.

They’ve notified the FBI and other governmental agencies and have received minimal reply, if any.

Why is the government ignoring this urgent research?

We know the truth, and they are simply ignoring it…

The studies prove it, take a look at these…

One study from the University of Arizona found the vaccine to contain an enzyme very similar to one found in rattlesnake venom, and concluded this could be the cause of many COVID deaths.1

Another study noted that anti-toxin medication was found helpful in the treatment of patients with severe COVID.2

More coincidences or not?

Here’s more about what you’ll hear about in this shocking video:

We cannot tolerate this blatant violation of our medical freedom any longer. They’ve lied to us and it’s time that YOU discover the truth about what’s really inside this experimental vaccine…


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  • Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals the connection between snake venom and spike proteins, and how a study uncovered why these venoms are causing the brain – and ultimately the heart – to shut down
  • Research uncovers the TRUE connection between COVID and deadly venoms, including snake venom and conotoxins.
  • Hear about the details of Dr. Buttar’s experimental cancer treatment that has been helping terminally ill patients go into remission and reverse their cancer – an increasingly common side effect of the jab…
  • Get access to highly effective and brand-new treatments to reverse serious vaxx injuries and detox your body from the deadly spike protein – even through shedding.
  • Hear more about how CDP-choline is proving to reverse symptoms of COVID – and the exact natural protocols and supplements that Dr. Bryan Ardis recommends to reverse post-jab side effects.
  • Discover the real number of vaxx-related deaths and how the vaccine actually increases your risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID or even dying from it.
  • Shocking information is revealed about how they created a so-called virus using weaponized venom… And then sold us the ‘“vaccine” as an antivenom.
  • One of our top experts reveals how vaccines are really bioweapons that can be designed to target specific groups of people and to cause specific diseases – including heart disease!
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar discusses how these mRNA murder weapons are poisoning our bodies and the deadly side effects of this.
  • Experts share key tools that anyone can use to turn the dangerous mRNA technology off and protect their bodies from spiraling into disease.
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals a deadly component in snake venom that has been shown to shred the membranes in the body, leading to disease – even death and the treatments that can be used to prevent this.
  • Learn about the powerful 4-Day Cleanse as well as the natural solutions that are helping people who have been injured by the jab.
  • Hear about how Dr. Buttar’s cutting-edge cancer treatment has been so successful and also how it is proving to be life-saving for people who are vaccine injured.
  • Hear about how the theory of evolution and the population control agenda is involved in the vaccine rollout agenda.
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses the efficacy of a non-traditional natural therapy that is helping people recover from vaxx-injuries, COVID, and even envenomation.
  • Learn about exactly how the COVID vaccine is causing serious harm to people’s bodies. And how it is highly inflammatory, toxic, and leads to allergic responses.
  • Discover how vaccines are leading to 54% of our children suffering from one or more of 21 chronic diseases.
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits reveals the relationship between taking RU486 (the morning after pill) and growing vaccines in cell lines of aborted babies – Both committing murder.
  • Kevin Jenkins reveals how the pandemic is really a form of slavery – The global government has employed the same tactics to try and control us.
  • Dr. David Martin reveals how Monkeypocks is not something to fear because contracting it depends on lifestyle factors – ones most people don’t engage in.
  • Dr. Daniel Nuzum explains exactly what happens to your body post-vaccine and why it’s so important to act as quickly as possible to detox your body from the deadly spike protein.
  • Dr. Peter Glidden uncovers how the conventional medical system has failed – And the natural solutions and protocols that you can use to recover from C0V1D and vaxx-related injuries.
  • Dr. Jana Schmidt shares a natural alternative to nicotine gum – And this is something that is found in bee pollen and has been highly effective in blocking the nicotinic receptors.
  • Discover brand-new treatments and protocols that our experts are using to treat COVID and vaxx injuries – one, in particular, may shock you.
  • Hear about an important enzyme that we don’t get enough of but is vital for helping to break down unwanted and harmful proteins in the body.
  • Dr. Daniel Nuzum discusses how raised antibody levels from vaccines don’t mean increased immunity – Discover the REAL solutions to boost immunity.
  • Discover how natural immunity outperforms the COVID shots which have proven to be ineffective and actually increase a person’s risk of getting C0V1D and dying from it.
  • Learn about the protocols that are proven to optimize our health and protect our bodies from harmful toxins.
  • Experts share why eating the wrong food and then taking supplements only neutralizes the damage being done to your body but is not optimizing your health.
  • Gain access to 100% natural remedies that have proven to prevent and reverse disease – Including COVID, long-COVID, and vaccine-related injuries.
  • Discover expert insight into the treatments and protocols you can follow to regain your health post-vaccine and detox your body from their gene-altering technology.
  • Find out exactly how important it is to detox your body from harmful toxins – The COVID shot is not the first deadly toxin we’ve been exposed to.
  • Find out how to protect yourself from the shedding spike protein – The COVID jab is not the only vaccine that causes this.
  • Discover how these gene-altering mRNA shots are designed by elitists to strip you of your God-given immunity and DNA.
  • Hear about the vital role of prayer in recovering from vaccine injuries and regaining control of your mind.
  • Experts share how the entire so-called pandemic has been geared towards removing us from our faith and God.
  • Learn about what you can do to stand up for your medical freedom and overcome the global government’s attempts to control us.
  • Discover what experts recommend you can do to stand up for your faith and use it as a tool to overcome oppression – especially pressure to get the deadly jab.
  • Hear experts discuss their wins as they continue advocating for the truth to come out.
  • Get an update on the COVID agenda and what to do to prepare for what is still to come.
  • Hear our top doctors and natural medicine experts reveal the latest detox methods that everyone should be using to restore their health.
  • Hear about why it’s not always good to break a fever and how this common over-the-counter fever medicine takes up a month’s supply of glutathione during detoxing.
  • Discover the natural medicines experts suggest you should always have on hand.
  • Learn about the RIGHT ways to detox your body from environmental toxins and toxins from the deadly vaxx.
  • Discover the key treatments and protocols for parasitic infections – particularly for ones that just won’t clear and why this is happening.


Keep up-to-date and informed

Due the inevitable censorship we face on a daily basis on social media, email is our primary source of communication. Watch all 9 Episodes of COVENOM19 for FREE here:

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